The publishing company Interlinea recently published Lake Time, the book of Casa Fantini, a collection of stories, translated in English as well,around the theme of Lake Orta, a ‘corner of Paradise’ as they define it.

Daniela Fantini had the idea of collecting the stories of friends who love this place, people who were born and live here or people who discovered it for different reason or people who think of it and miss it from far away.

There are stories, thoughts, emotions, memories and personal stories of those who have always experienced the lake, but also those who went there once by chance, fell in love and found good reasons to come back. The authors are: Anna Maria Canopi,Emanuela Carrera, Cosetta Dal Cin, Andrea Del Duca, Daniela Fantini, Luciana Fantini, Lorenzo Maulini, Michela Maulini, Luciana Michelini, Renato Sartori, Patrizia Scarzella, Zosia Swidlicka, Emanuela Valeri, Ottavia Zanetta.
The book is meant for the guests staying at Casa Fantini, but it has also been distributed in the best bookstores in Italy and online on the website:


It will be coming up soon as an e-book as well.