Your design is clear and timeless: how do you achieve these goals?

“I think that due to the fact that we all are living a very hectic life and everything is predicted I’d rather say I want to achieve things in life that are serene and calm, not dictated by any trend, but with a certain quality and comfort that stands beyond anything that follows trends or fashion”.

Functionability, durability, comfort and aesthetics: which is the first component that comes up to your mind when you start designing an industrial product?
“All the words you mentioned are very important in any kind of my designs. I think it is more the form that should follow the function. Being a human I’m designing for human people so definitely the functionality and comfort are the priorities to achieve”.

Do you think you have reached the perfect mix of these values in your new product for Fantini?
“I believe that Icona, the product I’ve designed for Fantini, is a collection of taps that is a kind of ‘senza tempo’, timeless for sure, and a kind of ‘pass-key’, with a little touch of memory, but not too extreme, still very contemporary and modern, with attention to the ergonomy and with a certain sensuality”.

A timeless collection, “a kind of ‘pass-key’, with a small touch of memory, but not too extreme, still very contemporary and modern, with attention devoted to ergonomics and endowed with a certain sensuality”. Functionality, durability and comfort have been the priorities of the project, expressed with a calm aesthetic quality that follows neither trends nor fashions. It is a reinterpretation of the classic tap, with a subtle and refined interplay of proportions. Proposed in various versions, from chrome to Nickel Pvd, more classic, to Matt Gun Metal Pvd or Brushed Copper Pvd, more modern, industrial, intentionally rougher and more tactile.