It has always been our aim to give new forms to water. We have never ceased in this complex research, where the final result, even before being valued as a minor technological prodigy, comes about from the premises of the relationship that is created between company and designer, from the magical alchemy that is sometimes manifested immediately and at other times struggles to find an equilibrium, making the route to arrive at the end product tortuous and difficult.

With an eye that is attentive to the requests from the market, but with a heart always open to experimentation and the creative stimuli of the designers, this year we have done enormous work, the results of which we now present to you: ICONA, the first Fantini collection designed by Vincent Van Duysen, a Belgian architect of international renown, with pure timeless forms. NICE, a collection of taps by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, previously the creators of the Venezia and Lamè series for Fantini, with methacrylate handles with a very modern, joyful image. The new NOW shower column is one of their projects. COLIBRÌ, by Angeletti and Ruzza, previously our designers of the Mint and AR/38 series, is a tap with a clearcut and particular formal character. THERMAE, by Giulio Gianturco, is a line of taps and fittings dedicated to thermal baths and SPAS. And there is more: there are two new handles from the Venezia series and an Easy version of MilanoSlim that, after MilanoSlim Outdoor, enhances the offer of showers in this series.

And more still, we have worked on some new metal finishes - Matt Gun Metal Pvd, Brushed Copper Pvd, Matt British Gold Pvd - to extend the offer of chromatic variations of some of our collections.

Product quality and reliability are the transversal values of all our projects, in which we, as an Italian design factory, always seek to create a perfect mix of industrial technology and hand-crafting know-how.

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