Intentionally very different shapes and expressions, but all extremely contemporary: this is the strategy guiding the choice of designers for Aboutwater, the brand founded by the Boffi/Fantini partnership, with the goal to offer an increasingly special and unique collection in the industry.  His project philosophy and his style characteristics made Michael Anastassiades just perfect to join the designers already featured in the Aboutwater brand, namely Naoto Fukasawa, Piero Lissoni and Paik Sun Kim.


Anastassiades’ project, previewed last year during the Milan Design Week, has made available in Brushed Stainless Steel and Matt Gun Metal PVD, and has now become a fully-fledged series in the Aboutwater catalogue, as AA 27.

We will present it on April 8, at Fantini Milano, Via Solferino 18.


“I think Michael Anastassiades - states Daniela Fantini – is a unique, out of the box designer: his work is somewhere between art and design and he stands out in the international design scene with an absolutely precise identity. I like his quest for the essence, his unusual way of looking at objects and understanding their material without altering their nature, but rather interpreting them by always experimenting and innovating.”

And about his own project, Michael Anastassiades says: “It is a very familiar, unexpected and suprising shape, all at the same time. Familiarity is an important element in my work because people feel comfortable with objects of familiar shapes and I think this is exactly what makes an object timeless and durable. Balance is also very evident in this project, like it is across my works.What makes it surprising is that it is a single hole with water coming from one side, and there is an unexpected element as the connection between the spout and the mixer is invisible, so it looks like it is suspended on the washbasin.


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Photo Credits  -  Federico Cedrone



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