In the heart of Milano you can now find FANTINI MILANO, a space designed by Studio Lissoni for Fantini. This space has been conceived as a focal point for the company where to meet architects, journalists, clients and trade professionals from across the world.

FANTINI MILANO looks out onto the cobblestone courtyard of a period building that has all the discreet elegance of 19th-century Milanese architecture. Surrounded by greenery, the large window at the entrance welcomes visitors into a special space where architectural rigour combines with a soft atmosphere created with residential furnishings and the details appropriate to a comfortable, welcoming home.

The architectural setting is characterised by a spatial division that respects the original structure, of which several elements are preserved, and by the choice of stone as the preferred material.

Brightness is the design’s principal aspect and is created through a colour palette dominated by the white of walls, bookcases, the large table and the armchairs, and the pastel grey of the dramatic, ample curtains which, by contrast, enhance the product gallery’s dark stone (Pietra d’Avola, texture RAW by Salvatori).

Bright walls and technological devices together with typical elements of home furnishing. Bookcases, decorative collector’s items and the large, spectacular chandelier create a dialogue between modernity and tradition, a metaphor for Fantini itself. A veritable design factory capable of combining artisan manufacturing skills with the most advanced industrial processes.

Studio Lissoni Associati has worked with Fantini for years, and has even designed our showroom FANTINI NEW YORK. Now, in this new space, it has perfectly interpreted its brief in a design concept that goes beyond the classic showroom as a display-and-sales environment and transforms it into a welcoming place with the warmth of residential settings.

The domestic atmosphere of this “metropolitan interior” is one of FANTINI MILANO’s strong points, creating a place for relaxing and savouring the visual and acoustic pleasure of water.



Project: Lissoni Architettura, Piero Lissoni, Samuel Lorenzi, Giacomo Carassale

Graphic design: Graphx with Tommaso Cavallini

Photo of the architecture: Santi Caleca

Photo of the event: Lorenzo Lucca, Elisa Piemontesi (Alpen Rose)

Set-up: Citieffe;

Stone Coverings: Salvatori;

Lighting: Flos , Gallotti e Radice;

Furniture: Boffi, Living Divani, Porro, Riva 1920, Salvatori

Styling: Studio Salaris in cooperation with Raw

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