‘Di Padre in Figlio’ is an important recognition reserved for entrepreneurs who have shown capacity, devotion and passion in continuing and enhancing the work of their parents when taking over the operational and strategic running of the business, guaranteeing its continued success. The sixth edition saw the participation of over 140 Italian businesses competing for the title of best change from one generation to the next, with many stories of companies that make this country great, telling of the commitment and determination that is handed down every day from the parents to the new generations of brilliant entrepreneurs.

The award in the category of “Donne al Comando” [Women at the Helm] was assigned to Daniela Fantini and the beautiful story of the change of generations involving her.

“I am very happy with this award! I would like to dedicate it to my dad, because it reminds me of him and his passion for his work; the same passion, of course, that he passed on to me. Following in his footsteps was not an effort or a special commitment for me: let’s say that I found myself at the company suddenly, not by merit, and I have endeavoured to do my job with the same devotion and passion that he had. I must also thank the rest of my family, particularly my uncle, who gave me their trust and support as soon as I joined the company. And also my colleagues, who supervised my growth as an entrepreneur step by step, preventing me from making too many mistakes. Finally, my sincere thanks to you all for considering that I deserve this award!"

The award ceremony took place on 28th November at Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarters of the Milan Stock Exchange.
These were the awards assigned in the various categories:

Absolute Winner, Best Change of Generations: PASTIFICIO RANA, Gian Luca Rana;
Young Entrepreneur: NUCERIA Group, Guido Iannone;
History and Tradition: MARCHESI ANTINORI, Albiera Antinori;
Small Enterprises: PRESS UP, Maria Stella Adario;
Innovation: SAES Group, Massimo della Porta;
Openness of Capital: SOL, Aldo Fumagalli Romario;
Women at the Helm: Fratelli FANTINI, Daniela Fantini;
Brothers at the Helm: ALFA GOMMA, Guido and Enrico Gennasio;
Financial Performance: IBL Banca, Mario Giordano;
Internationalisation: EPTA, Marco Nocivelli;
Made in Italy: Pastificio RANA, Gian Luca Rana.
The GRUPPO FOCCHI was assigned the “ELITE” special mention by the Italian Stock Exchange.