Looking for the perfect shape between nature and architecture
Photography by Omar Sartor
with LIVING and RCS


The Living magazine, in its talent scouting campaign, has selected Omar Startor, a young promising photographer, to display his personal exhibit named LANDSHAPE in the Fantini Milano showroom, which lends itself to a temporary gallery thanks to its features of flexibility and eclectic touch.

LANDSHAPE images tell about Omar Sartor’s solitary trip in a remote land – Iceland – where nature dominates with its strong accents and dialogues with manmade artefacts, although never on the same level. It is a photographic voyage diary surveying the relationship between natural elements and architectural shapes. Land and Shape, landscape and man’s constructions, often inspired by nature design.

Water is the fil rouge of his bike-bitten itinerary, where water is always in the limelight with its rivers, glaciers or sea surrounding this solitary island so far away in the North and distant from inhabited lands.

"I love to isolate myself and feel part of the surroundings” says the young photographer. "With these photos I wanted to show how man draws inspiration from nature design to structure the manmade design".

The display format to represent this constant conceptual and visual relationship of natural elements is that of a twosome, t.i. images are portrayed together two by two inspiring close connections or free interpretations.
Opened on October 21st with the presence of a large audience, LANDSHAPE will remain open through November 20th, Monday to Friday from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 to 7 pm.





Photo gallery 

Credit: Lea Anouchinsky for Living


Credit: Alpenrose for Fantini