Fantini is the only Italian faucet manufacturer exhibiting at the Mostra in Rome where since the 1950s to the present day the best iconic products in international design have been selected and awarded.

From 19th November till 4th January, the Mostra 100% ORIGINAL DESIGN organised by ELLE DECOR under the sponsorship of the department of Economic Development will be on in the Space D of MAXXI (National Museum of XXI century Fine Arts) in Rome. This is a multimedia exhibition of the most iconic products which have marked the history of Italian as well as International Design.

We are very glad to inform you that Fantini with their “I Balocchi” is the only faucet manufacturer appointed for display inside the Mostra, now at its second edition in Rome after the major success at the Palazzo Reale in Milan last April on occasion of the Salone del Mobile. This is a further significant acknowledgement of our job so far with regards to the development of original high-end quality projects. We are very proud of this and wish to share our satisfaction with you.