Fantini boasts an extraordinary location, on the shores of Lake Orta. A place like nowhere else in the world, where it is certainly a challenge to strike a balance betweeen the presence of industrial facilities and the special natural surroundings.

Here, on July 19, we officially inaugurated the new company headquarters, designed by the Lissoni Associates Milano Design Architecture studio.

Daniela Fantini and the architect Piero Lissoni conveyed to journalists, architects and industry members alike, the architectural concept, which sets an excellent and incredibly innovative example of how to harmoniously integrate the industrial facilities within the natural landscape, including the rearrangement of operations and production processes within the company.

At the core of architectural project concept is the idea of making the most of the lakefront location, as well as that of integrating the preexisting industrial buildings, dating back to different historical eras, within the natural landscape, resulting in an overall harmonious visual effect.

The raw nature of the industrial buildings on the lakefront area was kept evident, through the dark grey color of the outside wall. The inside of the offices and the showroom is dominated by a shining white instead, thanks to a light-colored resin and the large glass walls, revealing the garden and the breathtaking view of the lake and of San Giulio Island.



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