We would like to share our recent success story with you concerning Casa Fantini and the Headquarters.

The agency responsible for the communication of Audi France selected Casa Fantini as the ideal location for the presentation of the new A7 Sport Back to 40 French journalists. From Monday April 9th, to Thurday April 12th, each day a group of ten journalists from important magazines in the automotive world and lifestyle magazines, stayed at Casa Fantini and enjoyed the exclusive experience of‘Lake Time spirit’. The journalists visited our Company, where Daniela Fantini and Gianni Di Blasio presented the Fantini world and then Audi France Press Managers presented the new A7 Sport Back which was positioned on our beautiful lake front. The Audi France Press Managers chose this location as it is uniquie and they believed there is a synergy of Design which is a focus and core strategy for both Companies.

 Journalists, Audi Press Managers and staff of the events agency greatly appreciated the hospitality and services of Casa Fantini, the enchanting beauty of the area and contemporary style of the architecture of Casa Fantini and our Headquarters. They were very impressed with the design and excellent quaility of Fantini product which was further enhanced by them using the product at Casa Fantini.

Audi France will keep us informed on publications that include Casa Fantini and our Headquarters in the background. We will send you updates in due course.

Kind regards.

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