Dear All,
As most probably most of you already know, last September we had the opening of our boutique hotel Casa Fantini / lake time here in Pella, on Lake Orta, where also our company is located. The hotel has 9 rooms and 2 suites.

It is a project about which I had been thinking for a long time and in a matter of three years, it has indeed become real.

Many people keep asking me why I strongly wanted to build this hotel. I think the main reason is that hospitality and catering are in my ropes; in fact, they are part of my familys DNA.

Long before my father Giovanni and my uncle Fino founded the company, in my family there were, in truth, generations of chefs. Grandparents and great-grandparents who had been successful overseas. My great-grandfather, Juan Fantini lived in Barcelona where he had made a career in catering. My grandfather with his brothers, all of them chefs, had gone to Asmara, Africa. They had success there.

I have inherited the love for everything that is related to food, catering and more generally to gentle hospitality, made of great and small attentions towards the guest, who – when on visit at our Company or here at Casa Fantini - must feel spoilt and at ease as at home.

This is the spirit that led us to the idea of building Casa Fantini / lake time, a place to host our customers and designers from all over the world. A perfect scenario where to experience Fantini products first hand. Add to all this, my love for the lake, for the peace, tranquillity and harmony of this special place having a perfect balance of landscape, architecture and light. Sometimes time seems magically suspended; I believe there are not so many beautiful places in the world.

Lissoni Architettura Milano signs the architectural design of Casa Fantini / lake time. With Piero Lissoni we have had an intense and complex dialogue and the final result reflects exactly the idea I had in mind from the very beginning, which he was able to translate with great sensibility. Casa Fantini with its natural materials, wood and stone, and the large glazed surfaces on the magnificent view of the island of San Giulio, harmoniously blends in with the landscape and has an atmosphere of serene tranquillity, as I have always pictured in my mind.

We wanted to add to the name Casa Fantini / lake time, the American expression Lake Time, suggesting a vacation, a stay to be soaked in the slow rhythm of the lake. Casa Fantini / lake time will be the key to an emotional experience to live with the right slow pace, which the mystical aura of the lake and its silence bring about.
Come and find us. We are waiting to welcome you!

Daniela Fantini






Gallery G. Gastel

Credit: Giovanni Gastel for Fantini



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Gallery Inauguration September 23rd 2017

Credit: Alpenrose for Fantini


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