The myth of wellness was the core subject of a training course addressed to architects which Fantini held together with  Federarchitetti at  Fantini Milano showroom on January 26th.

Lecturers of the course were the two architects Patrizia Scarzella and Franco Sargiani and Giorgio Corbetta, National Sales coordinator for Fantini.

Patrizia Scarzella traced a brief history of wellness places from ancient Roman spas through Islamic hammams to Japanese onsen, as well as an overview of different cultural models including the oriental holistic concept influenced by Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, the Nordic sauna tradition and last the contemporary spa concept which is a mixture of several cultural and historical models.

The turn of home bathrooms from service areas into wellness locations for people’s wellbeing, which is nowadays a priority focus of public and private home interiors projects, has linked to the next speech by Franco Sargiani who related how his idea of home wellness evolved over time through his several projects from single shower unit to complex shower system, which he designed for Fantini, from Zen to Acquatonica, from Acquazzurra to Milano, from Belvedere to Acquapura, from Acquazone to Acquadolce.

Giorgio Corbetta, in closing the course, provided designers with some useful guidelines to understand what the market demands and how products and projects can respond to these needs by innovating the current scenario.