When the Korean architect and designer Paik Sun Kim asked us to develop one of his projects for a personal exhibit I delved into his work and I literally fell in love with the lightness and poetry running through his architecture.

Kim Paik Sun studied oriental painting at university, as a matter of fact painting is a driving strength in his projects lightly outlined but with an  assertive touch including lots of white and black brush strokes.

His architecture, as well as his objects creations, are an harmonious synthesis of oriental philosophy and modern aesthetics, of art and nature. We were therefore very glad to cooperate with him for the exhibit by making a prototype based on one of his faucet projects, which it started what we feel will be a long-lasting and intense collaboration in the next future.

Last 5th October I was personally invited to attend Paik Sun Kim’s personal exhibit at the Hakgojae Gallery in Seoul.

25 contemporary design objects ranging from tables to couches, from chairs to lighting were on display in an essential and poetic setting as is his style.

 “For the works on display - Kim Paik Sun said - I partnered with international design companies including  Fantini, Promemoria, Porro.

During the collaboration with their engineering staff members working on projects developments, I had a chance to witness their commitment, their passion and dedication.

I was deeply touched by their skills and focus which reflect a moral stand always looking up to high models and reaching out to the best quality ever.

The time I spent with them from the very first meeting until the final product completion will remain a long-lasting hard-to-forget memory in my mind.

My trip to Seoul was intense and remarkable, I was enveloped by everyone’s attention and kindness. My gratitude goes to Kim Paik Sun in the first place and to Mr Choi and his team right next.

Thank you for being so hospitable, for this awesome experience and the good job you are carrying on with our organization!

Daniela Fantini


Maison Korea - Marie Claire


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