A new exhibit of photographer Walter Zerla's evocative black and white photos of Burundi will be hosted at Fantini Milano showroom from 30th September.

With an anthropological approach and a film report commitment, Zerla has produced a large photographic survey during his many trips to Burundi illustrating glimpses of daily life, the place, the people, their extreme poverty and their living conditions in plain discomfort.
At the same time, he has reported the significant change after the construction of the pharmaceutical dispensary, the orphanage and the aqueduct which, by means of the "100 Fontane: Fantini For Africa" project with its 130 water outlets, has brought clean drinking water to 25.000 people improving their living conditions noticeably.

His photos and portraits of Masango people are a meaningful representation of this country reality and its hope for a better life.

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