Exhibitions - Mon Jun 06 2022

Fantini at the 2022 Milan Furniture Fair - Discover our latest news

Products displayed like works of art, or jewels, in museum display cases: this is the concept of Piero Lissoni’s design for the new Fantini stand at the 2022 Milan Furniture Fair, Pav 29 Stand C15C19.
The 200 square meters of the stand become a large wunderkammer, a cabinet of curiosities full of unique, eye-catching items.
The soft effect of the light wood with touches of contrasting black illuminates the display surfaces and features, setting off the products, the metals, the sophisticated colours of the PVD finishes, and the multiple offerings in the new collection of glass handles in the Venezia series that’s featured this year.


Here are the new products:

Venezia series, Murano glass handles by Venini
Design by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez
The magic of transparency, tactile and chromatic fluidity, and the unique nature of handcrafted products are the outstanding features of the new Murano glass handles designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez in collaboration with Venini.
The series includes two distinct families of products: two-tone handles and filigree handles. These are both distinctive techniques of ancient Murano glass art, which Venini has always created with unparalleled skill, producing unique pieces that magnify the quality and beauty of handcrafted objects.
All versions have a striking visual and emotional impact.

The two-tone handles have a cylindrical shape, with pure, rounded edges that amplify the fluid effect of the two-tone combinations: aquamarine/green, amethyst/amber, red/amber

The egg-shaped filigree handles, which come in white and black, are soft and sensual to the touch.
Filigree glass is an extremely elegant decorative technique that was perfected in the 16th century by the master glassmakers of Murano, who exported the technique from Venice to all of Europe.
It’s made by incorporating straight or interwoven glass rods into a transparent body, creating a delicate lacy effect within the glass.


Venezia series, handles in cut, multi-faceted glass
Design by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez
Glass is also featured in cut, multi-faceted cylindrical versions that have a classic yet contemporary look. They come in sky blue, amber and white and can be either transparent or opaque. The metal base, flush with the glass body, smoothly continues its multi-faceted texture.

Venezia series, marble handles
Design by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez

The new handles in white and black marble, classic materials used in the most stately architecture, are small talismans of refined beauty that can reflect the light in different ways. The detail of the white and black striped edges gives the design a light, contemporary flair.

Venezia series, single lever mixer tap
Design by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez
The new single lever mixer tap expands the functional uses of the Venezia series. It also comes in a sensational new Deep Black PVD finish.

Single-hole washbasin mixer
Design by Marco William Fagioli
Slim, fluid geometric shapes are featured in this design, which aims to create an extreme visual lightness and a spare, extremely contemporary look. The handle is a rectangle that rests on the faucet body, texturized with a decorative motif that offers a pleasing interwoven look that’s soft to the touch.

Icona Accessories
Design by Vincent van Duysen
To complete the series of Icona Classic and Deco faucets, Vincent Van Duysen has designed a series of bathroom accessories: towel racks in various sizes, two different models of towel bars, toilet roll holder. Essential, elegant, with soft, rounded edges that fit in with sobriety in both classic and contemporary bathrooms.

Deep Black, the new PVD finish
Sensational, tactile, intense Deep Black: the new opaque finish that uses PVD technology to enrich the catalogue of colour variations – Matt Gun Metal PVD, Matt British Gold PVD, Matt Copper PVD, Nickel PVD, Raw Metal PVD.
PVD is the acronym for Physical Vapour Deposition, a technology used to deposit thin metallic films and coatings on various types of substrates. The process takes place in a vacuum chamber, where the metals to be deposited, such as zirconium, chrome and titanium, are sublimated (“evaporated”). The finish is then created using a physical process that not only gives the object technical and aesthetic characteristics that are superior to any other chemical or electrochemical treatment, but also guarantees a perfectly sustainable, hypoallergenic coating with a reduced environmental impact.

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